DIY Outdoor Cushions

So we’ve built an outdoor couch and I wanted to buy cushions for that. DIYing these cushions was not a part of the plan. Soon I realized these cushions would cost me more than the couch itself!! I should also compromise on the look. I wanted one big cushion, rather than having different sets. That’s when I decided to go with my gut and start DIYing outdoor cushions.

Here is what I was expecting :

  • Cushions should be waterproof
  • They should be durable and easy to clean
  • They should be comfortable
  • Should be easy to replace in future

After scorching the internet, I found multiple ways of doing this. Each had its cons but I felt the best solution for me would be to use foam I got from home depot and use an outdoor table cloth that is 100% waterproof. I made a complete video on how I made these cushions. You will need the following things:

Let’s talk about the price. It cost me $204 for this 8×8 sectional sofa, for the bench seat and the back cushion.

  • 4 Foam sheets if size 2’x6′ – 4 x $26 = $104
  • 4 waterproof table cloths if size 60×80 – 4 x $20 = $80
  • Basting tape – $12
  • Zipper – $8

I have been using these for the past couple of months and I absolutely love them. I checked the foam a couple times after rained cats and dogs but the water didn’t get in. I call it a win!!

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