3 Unique Air dry CLAY DIY Ideas

Who doesn’t love some simple DIYs? Here are 3 unique ideas for your next clay project. I used Air-dry clay for these cool projects and it is very easy to work with.

If you want to see how they are done, check this YouTube Video & be sure to subscribe to my channel!

3D Minimal Art Frame


  • Photo frame
  • Air dry clay
  • Glue
  • Paints and paint brush
  • White board


  1. First you will need a photo frame, preferably with some depth. Then you will need a white board that fits exactly in the frame. You can get the white board in the dollar store and cut it using a utility knife. You can use the sheet they give in the photo frame as a guide. Once you have the white board that fits exactly in the frame, mark it’s center and keep it aside.

2. Now make random shapes using Air dry clay. I used random things around the home as molds like my kid’s toys, a roti roller, bowls, etc. Make them in different sizes and shapes, there is no right way of doing it. You can bring in your kids too.

3. Now, arrange them on the whiteboard in a pattern that you like. Move them around and see how you like it the most. Be mindful of the board’s center if you want the pattern in the center of the frame.

4. Once you’ve finalized the pattern, take each clay piece and paint them. Place them back in their position as you don’t want to disturn the pattern. I used acrylic paints I have on hand and I chose the colors that went well with the theme in our bedroom. Once you have covered all the pieces, let them dry.

5. Now, you have to pick each piece, add some glue and place back in their place. Once you have glued all the pieces let it dry for sometime. Place this white board in the frame and your minimal 3D Art piece is ready!!

Trinket/Jewelry Dishes

Trinket dishes are so trending right now and these the cutest addition to your dresser. These are so easy to make and are great to keep your jewelry organized. I made two dishes and here’s how:

  1. First lets flatten the clay using a roller or an empty with bottle. Make sure it is evenly flattened. Now take a bottlecap or a bowl to cut this clay in a perfect circle.

2. For this dish, you will need something round. I used a small ball but you can use a bowl too. Place thie clay circle over this ball and press gently. After few minutes, when you think it will retain its shape,take it out. It should not be too dry, it should be soft.

3. Now to make the nose and the eyes, take a small chunk of clay and roll them on smooth surface, using your hand. Make them thin and long. They might break in the process but keep trying until you have the required length. Then place those in the bowl as shown. Now, let them dry for atleast 24 hours

4. Now place it in a bowl to retain its shape until 24 hours. Place a wrap or tissue between the bowl and the dish, otherwise it might be difficult to take it off

5. Now paint it with white acrylics using a small brush. You can get creative and spray it to get different textures.

Dish 2

This is the easiest of all. Take a bowl with a flat base and place the flattened clay over it. Let it take it’s shape as it gives an organic feel to it. Once it is dried, paint it with your fav color. I used dark gray and painted the trim it with gold.

Tip: Remember you can fix any cracks using some water. Get some water in a bowl and dap it on with a finger whenever necessary.

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