Macrame Planters

I have so many old vases and pots at home and I didn’t want to buy new ones only to get bored of them soon. So I decided to upcycle them in a unique way. This is a simple DIY that doesn’t require any tools. You only need to learn 2 simple knots and you’re good.

How to make these macrame planters

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  1. First measure the circumference of the pot. I need the thread’s length to be more than twice of the circumference of the pot. So I am folding the thread and leaving an overhang so that I have ample thread enough to tie the knots in the end.

2. Now take this thread as a guide and cut multiple threads of the same length. Then we have to fold them all in half.

3. Here is how to make the first knot 1. Repeat it with all your threads. Add as many as you need to cover the height of the pot or vase. You can place the pot in a sleeping position over these threads, to make sure they cover the whole height of the pot.

4. Knot 2: Take a long thread of your preferred length. Now hold the threads in each loop and place a long thread below them as shown. Now you have to wrap around them twice as shown and repeat

If the thread ends, you can start again with a new thread. just start in the same way you did in the beginning. You only have to remember the direction of the row you are knotting. A simple way is to act as if the new thread is connected to the old one and continue. You can cut these extra pieces later.

You can make any pattern you like with so many combinations. Pick a different color thread and add it as if you are adding a new thread. There are so many possibilities here

I am showing a couple of patterns that I tried using grey and white yarn. Once your sleeve is long enough to wrap around the pot, cut all the extra thread on the back.

5. Now you can remove the dowel, open the loops and cut them as shown. Now get your pot, wrap around it, and knot the ends on either side of the sleeve.

6. The last step is to comb the edges to give a fluffy look.

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