How to: Limewash Paint for Interior walls

As we are transforming our Media Room/Home theatre room, I wanted to change the color of the walls. I came across this limewash paint and loved the look of it. The texture it gives is truly unique and makes the room feel a lot cozier than a normal paint would. So here how we did it:

If you want to see this project in action, you can Check this video. You can subscribe to my channel here


Step 1: Clean up the walls. Take out any nails, fill in any nail holes and imperfections. Tape the corners, ceiling, and baseboards.

Step 2: Apply Primer using a roller. Use a primer that is acrylic-based. This is very necessary as the lime paint will not stick on a smooth wall. It is originally intended for outdoors and on brick, so on the drywall, you will need a primer for it to stick on.

Step 3: Stir the limewash paint thoroughly. Some lime wash paints come as clay and you have to mix it with water as needed. The one I got came in ready to be painted. Take a flat brush and start applying stokes randomly.

You can start at any spot on the wall and go in any direction. Your random strokes will create a cloud-like texture.

Limewash dries out a lot lighter than what you see when you start painting, so let it dry completely to see the final color.

Step 4: Allow 24 hrs before you apply a second coat. If you see any of the wall colors through the bristle marks formed during the first coat, they will be covered during the second coat. Most of the time you will need two coats. Once you apply it, let it dry, and enjoy the beautifully textured wall!

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